Scoping Requirements formalised by Minister

5 months ago

In June 2019, the Minister for Planning formalised the Scoping Requirements for the Yan Yean Road (Stage 2) Environment Effects Statement (EES). The EES Scoping Requirements outline the assessment of certain environmental effects for the project. They include:

  • transport efficiency, capacity and safety: provide an effective corridor through the northern outer suburbs of Melbourne, improving road safety, capacity and travel times
  • biodiversity: minimise and where possible, avoid the impacts to the Swift Parrot, Matted Flax Lilly and removal of trees
  • social and cultural values: minimise changes in landscape and Aboriginal, historic or cultural values, including impacts to large, old trees.

We’ll also do a variety of other studies to ensure we investigate a range of environmental matters. You can learn more about these studies by looking at our investigations and studies factsheet.

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