Environment Effects Statement required for the Yan Yean Road Stage 2 Upgrade

about 1 year ago

Major Road Projects Victoria is committed to minimising impacts on the local environment and heritage. Extensive planning studies will be undertaken to help inform state and federal government approvals.

On 14 October 2018, the Minister for Planning decided that an Environment Effects Statement (EES) is required for the Yan Yean Road Stage 2 Upgrade. The referral and decision is available on the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning website.

An EES looks at the potential environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts of a project and how they will be managed. As part of the process community will have an opportunity to review and comment on key documents.

In addition to the EES process in Victoria, this project will be assessed by the Australian Government under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity 1999 Act (EPBC Act). MRPV lodged a EPBC referral in December 2018.

It’s important to note that construction will not commence until the EES is approved.

Building the project

Due to the rigorous process involved with an EES, the Yan Yean Road (Stage 2) Upgrade has been removed from the Northern Roads Upgrade and will be delivered separately. This is to ensure that the process is transparent, and the contractor is aware of the Environmental Performance Requirements when developing the design during the tender process.

We are still committed to delivering the Yan Yean Road (Stage 2) Upgrade once the EES is complete.

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