What does the South Road Upgrade involve?

The South Road Upgrade includes:

  • construction of a new citybound right turn lane to improve access to Nepean Highway
  • new turning lanes for the East Boundary Road intersection
  • adding new traffic lights at the Bignell Road intersection
  • modifying the South Road, Jasper Road and Taylor Street intersection to improve traffic flow and safety
  • upgrading bike lanes and footpaths along Nepean Highway between Patterson Road and Katoomba Street.

What is the status of the South Road Upgrade?

The Victorian Government has committed to fix South Road, Moorabbin, to get drivers in the south east where they need to go sooner and safer.

Funding was provided in the State Budget to begin investigations to inform a business case.

Why is the project needed?

Local drivers have told us how frustrating it is to get stuck behind banked up turning traffic on South Road. The project will deliver more turning lanes, new traffic lights and better pedestrian crossings to keep traffic flowing on South Road.

What are the project benefits?

The South Road Upgrade will:

·  Deliver faster travel times, shorter queues and less time stuck at red lights

·  Make it easier and safer for you to walk and cycle in the area